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Stars Collide

Question by Jack: Question about black holes?
What would happen if two black holes were to travel towards one another, and actually “collide” head on? with normal matter, like for example, billiard balls, this would result in them breaking into pieces if their speeds were high enough. this is due to the electrical repulsions between electrons in the atoms. for stars, electron degeneracy pressure(pauli exclusion principle) is at play(which is why they dont collapse), and this can even be extended to neutron stars. but black holes overcame these pressures – they are not made of normal matter anymore. no more fermions, no more exclusion principle. so, they could probably go through each other which seems weird(are they made of bosons?). i know momentum would have to be conserved too, so would it be a constant perpetual motion of either of them going through one another, because there’s not much friction in space?

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I can’t really answer your question because no one has ever seen this happen. My personal theory is that they would collapse into each other and form antimatter. Remember you wouldn’t expect it to collapse into each other but there is a strong possibility but the energy it produces is IMMENSE and I mean so immense that nothing can escape a black hole, not light, not time not stars, matter. Even though I mentioned matter it still flows around there of course. My other theory is that the biggest black hole or the black hole with the biggest gravitational energy would outcome as a smaller black hole where they have been crushing each other.
Then again nobody has seen this with their own eyes so there’s no real evidence what would happen.

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