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Replacement Lamp for Sony Kf-42we610, Kf-50we610 (Xl-2100 Compatible)

Question by enmascaradodepiel: what “lamp” lite means on a sony tv?
what “lamp” lite means on a sony tv?? my tv sony tv wont turn on, only the green lite flashes a few times and then becomes a red lite flashing and aother lite flashes below it it says”Lamp “, if you can help me so i now what it is before i take it to the technics

Best answer:

Answer by Legion
Your bulb is bad.
Lamp for Sony Kf-42we610

SAMSUNG HL-T6756W Replacement Rear projection TV Lamp BP96-01472A
Electrified XL-2100 / A1606034B Replacement Lamp

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