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What you should know about how the LED backlit LCD TV works

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An LED backlit LCD TV is really just an LCD TV that uses LED back lighting rather than the CCFLs that standard LCD TVs use. The way the back lighting works is actually pretty cool too. It is a type of illumination that doesn’t actually produce the light itself. Instead the LCDs need some type of special lighting source or ambient light in order for the picture to display. An LED backlit LCD TV works by using one of three different forms of LED setup. Your picture quality and TV size will ultimately decide which LED form fits you the most.

The full array form is when the LEDs are behind the screen but, they do not actually have the ability to brighten or dim on their own. Your LED backlit LCD TV can also be in the form of white edged LEDs that fit around the rim of the screen and spread the light evenly with a diffusion panel. For the ultra slim and thin TV models, this is always the LED form used because it was basically made for it. The form for your LED backlit LCD TV is the red RGB LEDs that fit behind the panel. The color clarification on this form is probably one of the best around.

Some of the lighting sources that can use for your LED backlit LCD TV or any TV are:” HCFL- Hot cathode fluorescent lamps” Incandescent light bulbs” ELP- electroluminescent panel” LED- light emitting diodes” CCFL- Cold cathode fluorescent lamps

ELP lighting is typically used in larger displays like a 60″ LED backlit LCD TV or even a projector. However, the ELP has to have some pretty powerful high voltage around to work efficiently. If you want the ultimate brightness display you can opt for the incandescent back lighting option but the bulbs tend to go out fairly quickly. With all of the high definition going on in the TV world today most the LED backlit LCD TVs are definitely ones to buy.

I worked on my first LED backlit LCD TV a few years back when my friend was having some dimming issues. Once that problem was fixed I found that I actually enjoyed repairing the TV. I started to freelance my repair services out and slowly started to get my own business together. Once I got all the legalities out of the way, I was the official LED backlit LCD TV fix it guy of our small town.Now that you know how these TVs work you can go out and shop for the one you like the best. Some are much thinner than others too so if you want to mount your new LED backlit LCD TV on the wall, take that into consideration. Technology is innovative with our TVs everyday and five or ten years these TVs may even become a trend of the past. Who knows what we will be watching in the future.

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