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Removable Battery Powered Led Light

Removable Battery Powered Led Light

  • Looks Like A Regular Light Bulb But Has 3 LED Bulbs Inside, And Runs On 4 "AA" Batteries
  • Has a wall bracket that can be mounted with screws or double sided tape the light can be removed from the wall mount and carried.
  • Great Light for Camping, Boat, RV, Closet, Shed, And Drive Way And if the Power Go's out
  • Easy to use everywhere No screws, no tools, no wires! Just peel and stick, and could also be screwed
  • Pull chain type on/off switch, the box is in spanish/English
Removable Battery Powered Led Light is the amazing wireless light bulb that has 3 LED bulbs and runs on 4 "AA" Batteries installs anywhere, requires no wiring or an electrician to install and provides lighting whenever you need it. Just peel and stick the base then slide in this revolutionary light bulb. That's all you have to do to light up your closets, stairwells, Camping, Boat, RV, Shed, Drive Way, and anywhere that you need light. Use it outdoors in your shed or under your patio umbrella to , , $ 24.99, , ,

List Price: $ 24.99 Price:

Question by Jon McFerrin: what does it mean if the ” bulb” light is flashing red on the front of my sony lcd tv?

Best answer:

Answer by TV guy
There is a problem with the TV. The way it flashes may explain what is the problem. Call SONY support.

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this is a cool experiment to light up bulbs witout wires and it doesnt need to touch the glass

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