Cannon gun Safe CA23 Cannon Series Deluxe Fire Safe review and for sale

Another great safe for sale from cannon line of safes.This safe is the definition of a great looking design and a great price. It has a 1-inch active locking bolts and triple hard plate protecting the lock area.

Cannon Safe CA23

The safe has titanium-plated locking bolts and a 5-spoke handle. It has a fortified 4″ thick steel door. Its look will fit in into any internal décor.

You will have pretty of room for shelves inside with the Tru Rack system, Its exterior dimensions are 60″ H x 30″ W x 22″ D ; External cubic feet 22.9 ; Internal dimensions: 57-1/8″ H x 27″ W x 15-1/2″ D.It has an Internal cubic feet 13.83. It weighs 560 lbs. The Door Gauge 2 x 14 gauges steel construction while the hinges are of high quality. It has dual relockers and triple hard plate

This has the color of Hammer-Tone Black. It has a capacity for 24 guns.
It has been fire tested up to 1200 degrees for 60 minutes.
It is commercial grade Type 1 UL rated electronic lock.

It has internal power which is comes through two 100 v outlets a usb port and a Ethernet connection.
Its dimensions are 60 inches high x 30 inches wide x 24 inches deep (depth and includes handle lock)

Customer ratings
Customers love the internal power supply. “Cannon Safe is a great product and now they have the internal power supply which makes plugging a dehumidifier very simple.”
The safe is easy to operate with the electronic lock. “The electronic lock is fast and easy to use but probably my favorite feature is the warranty-they give you a free safe after a fire or burglary attack!”
It is a heavy safe but that is bad news for would be burglars. “It gives me good peace of mind with the Cannon warranty and the fire rating. Great product.”

“I can say; however, much research was done before choosing Cannon. They have 4 inch locking bolts, which puts equal lengths of the bolt fore and aft. Most bolts are only 2 inches so the extra 2″ is important for preventing break-ins. There are 110 and USB connectors on this safe too so you could put a security receiver or computer inside. If your living quarters are broken into and you have a security system then having the recorder inside a secure safe will help find the crooks later. All in all Cannon was the right choice for our needs”

Where to buy
You can buy it from tractor supply, Costco or from Amazon. We suggest amazon from the great customer service and price. It priced below $5000. Click here to learn more.

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