Difference between “fireproof” vs “Fire resistant” safes

burglar proof your homeIn 2000 it as estimated that there are 1.4 m residential burglaries, a burglary every 23 seconds and an estimated cost of $1.9 Billion or 1400$ per occurrence. Having a good fire proof/fire resistant safe in your home such as SentrySafe SFW123DSB or H3300 can protect your valuables from burglaries.

There is a lot of confusion about the differences between fireproof and fire resistant safes. Fire Proof safes mean that they are actually fire “resistant” in other words in case of a fire they will block heat and smoke from getting into the safe- usually for a limited amount of time – lets say 150 minutes. There are some fire proof safes that will resistant fire for less or more time.

These fire proof safes – or fire resistant protect paper documents and or cash. However they are usually thin using 16 to 18 gauge steel which means they are also easier to break by burglars. In other words the metal – which holds the metal retardant material – that can hold fire at bay is not necessarily strong enough to keep burglars away.
This means that if you have a lot of high value items such as gold and diamonds and large amounts of cash – do not place them in Fire proof safes – if YOU want to keep burglars away. They will keep your items safe from a fire but the safes can be punctured or sawed with hand tools .

Let me say that again- because many people have mistakenly assumed that fire proof safes are burglar proof.-Fire proof safes protect your documents from fires but do not necessarily protect your items from burglars .

If you want to keep your items of value safe from fire as well as from burglars then you need “Burglar Fire safe” that is burglar rated. Check out SentrySafe SFW123DSB or H3300However if your items are of even higher value, ie about $50,000- $1.5 million for example then you need high Security burglar fire safe.

These safes are subjected to extreme UL testing procedures and have proven to withstand attacks from sledgehammers, power saws disc cutters drills etc. These safes are awarded labels from U.L. TL-15 TL-30, TL-30X6 and TRTL-30X6 . Apart from being burglar proof – these safes are also fire proof . They can offer 1 or 2 hours 350 degree F factory fire test test certifications. This means that they will also protect your items from intense fires.
However note that there is no material today that can make a safe 100% fire Proof. Available materials can only keep the documents safe for a LIMITED time- maybe one to two hours. SO this assumes that if there is a house fire it would have bee put out in that time. So there is not Fireproof safe that will withstand 5 or 6 hours of fire. These kind of safes are Fire resistant and for a limited time Fireproof.

To read our reviews of the best fireproof safes in the market today click here. Examples of a Fire proof Safes below.

SentrySafe H3300

SentrySafe SFW123DSB

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