Best biometric safe : Barska safe vs LockSaf vs Gunsvault

If you have valuables such as jewelry or cash or even fire arms that you would like to keep secure then you should consider getting a safe.If you are also concerned about safety of your children you should also consider buying a safe.The issue of fire arms accidents especially involving children has been in the news lately.

The best kind of safes are biometric safes. One of the best of these types of safes is the Barska biometric safe.These are the safes that do no require keys or number combinations to open. They have fingerprint recognition access. With these kinds of safes you can forget the combination or even misplace the key and you will still gain access.In an emergency you dont have to go looking for the keys. You can also be sure that no one else will be able to access your safe apart from you and other persons that you may authorize. With key based safes – you are advised to keep the keys away from the safe ( for security reasons) which can cause delays if you need to access the safe quickly such as in an emergency. In addition the combination or keys can easily fall into the wrong hands.

- Note With biometric safes all you need is your fingerprint. These safes have fingerprint recognition capabilities which guarantees that only you or someone else who is authorized can ever access the safe.

However there are many safes which have biometric technology so it is important to know which one is just right for you.

One of our personal favorites brands is the Barska Biometric safe. To read our full review of the all the different Barska Biometric safes ( there are several models) Click here

To read our full review of the Gunsvault safe Click here

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