Winchester gun safe- eVault Biometric 3.0 Pistol Safe model EV-1200-B

There are several Winchester gun safes in the market. However while many are for storing rifles the Winchester Evault is a small safe for storing pistols.

They have the 19 gun safe, the 24 Ranger deluxe gun safe, the 24 silverado premier the 30 gun safe, the 51 gun safe and the 3.0 pistol safe.

winchester gun safe- pistol

You can store two guns in this safe and can be accessed with a fingerprint. In addition you enjoy features such as scratch resistance, a nice padded interior, an AC power supply, a 1 year warranty, easy set up and is approved for use in California too.

Fingerprint technology
This is one of the most advanced fingerprint technologies out in the market. It can hold up to 15 fingerprints, the reader is 99.9% reliable, and it is a single finger operation.
In addition it has features that make it hard for burglars include spring loaded door, 16 gauge construction , 9 v battery backup and 2 piece body construction.

This Winchester gun safe weight only 16 pounds and has these exterior Dimensions: 7″(H) x 11″(W) x 12″(D); Interior Dimensions: 18″(H) x 28″(W) x 30″(D). You can hold two guns comfortably.

Customer reviews

The average Customer review for this winchester gun safe on Amazon is 3.9 out of 5 stars
” It was well packaged and no damage during shipping.”
“It has a 9 volt battery backup, easy to install the battery. The instructions are easy to follow on setup. “
We like the fact that it has 3 holes in the bottom for mounting to the floor. It can hold not only 2 but 3 guns. And we like that opening are less than a snap- 1 second every time – good for an emergency.
“. We tested it and tested it and tested it. It opened every single time. I would even swipe my finger over it fast like in a panic situation and yes it opened it in less than 1 second every time.”
The quality is superb. “It has a nice strong spring, so it slaps it open with some force. No messing around. It is very well constructed inside and out.”
Some people said that it is great as it would take a while for a thief to break in. It is child proof. There were some difficulties locating the “administration button” for set up but programming was easy after that.
Make sure to use dry hands when opening as wet ones don’t work.
The shipping for this safe is great. It is well padded and you can expect no damage. “Arrived with no external damage and no internal damage.”

Unlike some other safes this one does not fail no matter how many times you test it. “My wife and I registered our fingerprints and have been testing the scanner all day. We haven’t been able to make it fail :) Every indication is that this is a quality unit and it performs exactly as advertised. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! “

We also like the fact that it works even after using if for a long time “Update… it’s now April 1st and I’ve used this this unit every day since I received it. I’ve tried to fool it but it will open only with the registered prints. It hasn’t failed to open when I used the correct (registered) prints. It performs exactly as advertised and I couldn’t be happier!”

Where to buy
For a limited time you can get %16.58 off and buy it for only $349.99 at amazon. Click here It is one of the well-priced gun safes for this price point and quality.

19 gun safe, the 24 Ranger deluxe gun safe, the 24 silverado premier the 30 gun safe, the 51 gun safe and the 3.0 pistol safe.

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