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A little bit of history- as the 19th century came to an end there was nationalistic movement in many regions that had been put under the birth empire- from Africa to India. A young lawyer known as Ardeshir Burjorji Godrej joined the struggle to free India from the British rule.
In 1897 he decided to manufacture locks to replace some of the British imports- marking an important industrial innovation. This would eventually lead to the development of India’s first safe in 1902. Indeed when the queen visited India in 1905 the Godrej’s company was asked to provide safes for her and her entourage.

godrej safe

For the next 100 years the Godrej safe company would become one of the world’s leading security solutions company. Its products have served residential, industrial and business premises. It produces vaults and even products for marine and defence sectors. It exports products to over 45 countries.
Even today the pioneering spirit of innovation lives on. Their products are tested in leading laboratories including the Underwriters Laboratory in the US.

Godrej Taurus Safe features
The Taurus delivers maximum performance. It is ivory in color and has a motorized locking mechanism among other features. These include Motorized shooting bolts, Digital locking, Secret password opening, Audit trail facility and interior carpet.
The safe has a mechanical override option just in case you forgot the password. It also has an audit trail .The construction is of great material.

Godrej Taurus safe

With Godrej, you don’t get security products but also security solutions. You can expect safety features that are at par with any safes anywhere in the world.
Godrej safe remains a hidden secret and is only known by those in the know. When you say Godrej those who know will understand that it is one of the best security solution companies in the world.

Where to buy
You can purchase this safe on Amazon. Click here to see if the safe is in stock.

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