Cannon Safe S19 Scout Series Fire Safe review-for sale at tractor supply costco and amazon

This is one from the popular line of Cannon gun safe. It has a 24 gun capacity and has been tested up to 1200 degree form 30 minutes. That is much less than the Winchester line of gun safes.
This is a commercial grade type 1 UL rated electronic lock comes with a 110v outlets, USB port and r145 ethernet connection.

Cannon gun Safe S19
It is 60 inches high x 28 inches wide x 21 inches deep (depth includes handle lock).Its color is hammer – tone black. It also comes in tone grey.

Customer’s reviews

“Great product, I love the grey paint and the internal power supply. I am telling you right now, YOU NEED POWER INSIDE YOUR SAFE!!! “

The delivery of the safe is great. “The delivery was professional and the safe arrived in perfect condition.”
“ The “relockers”, the hidden hinges and the lifetime warranty is what sold me on this safe. It looks like it will protect all my valuables from thieves or fire.”

“This safe is by far one of the best around. Cannon makes excellent products. It is very thick steel, very heavy. “

“I got this for my husband. He loves it! I work great (a year later). He really likes the light-up key pad, not all have that. Everything works great and looks nice”

The power feature is something many customers like “Great that it has power and I can leave external hard drive plugged into USB port. As for my guns… Plenty of set up options”

The cannon line of safes is great quality and a great design. It has fire protection and it is sturdy. It has a major 4-inch-thick steel composite door. It has 3 layers of hard alloy steel. It comes with predrilled bottom for bolting to floor. It comes with a lifetime warranty. It is powered by a 9 volt battery. The electronic lock is easy to use. This scout series has two relocking mechanisms. It cannot be pried open.
We love the fact that with the Ethernet cable connection you can access the files in the safe while they are still locked away.

Where to buy

You can buy this safe at tractor supply or costco or at Amazon. We suggest amazon for the great price and the great customer service.
For a limited time you can buy this safe for less than $5000 at amazon.

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