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My name is Charles N Jones. I live in Lowell, MA, USA .
Since 2009 I have been providing honest, objective and complete information about various consumer products. This enables my readers to make informed buying decisions, know exactly what best fits their needs, avoid wasting money on poor quality products and finally get what they need for the lowest prices possible.

I believe in ethical marketing- not as a virtue but as the best business model. Return customers and word of mouth are better marketers than I can ever be.
We never have to recommend any products that we don’t believe in- simply because we dont have to.

Working with all the major retailers including the largest ones in the world – Amazon ,Walmart ,TargetDirect and buy.com we have access to almost every, brand , model and product that is available in the market. We spend substantial amounts of time reviewing products and finding everything about them- including reading hundreds of customer(real) reviews.

We save you the time you would spend going from website to website. At the bottom of every review we provide you with a full list of all vendors who sell an item for competitive prices. We give you the chance to shop at your favorite vendor or from the vendor with the most competitive price.

We also go out of our way to find out any downsides, or negative reviews, or features that people do not like. We dont air brush warts here. You will know exactly what to expect- you will not find any surprises that you dont like when you order and receive a product.

This is our solemn pledge- we will never recommend a product , that we don’t believe is the best value for money available. We are not a fly by night operation and we plan to be here for many years to come.

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Finally on a personal basis I am a married father of one 4 year old son. My son and I like to golf. I also travel locally in New England to places such as the Berkshires, White mountains of New Hampshire,Mt. Washington etc. There are some great places in NE which a lot of people do not know about . I also like art, classic cars, retro clothes and old school music.

I thank you for visiting us and request that you do so again. If you find a post or review you like, please share it with your friends and family. Sharing buttons are provided at the bottom.

I wish you and your family all the best in your undertakings.

Charles N. Jones
Please feel FREE to contact me at charlesNJ(at)thereviewsguru.com and I will get back to you or call you as soon as possible if you need any additional information.